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March 15, 2005


I've never been in the first class lounge of an airport, but I imagine it could be thought of as sexy in a jetset, international man of mystery sort of way.

And yeah, air travel used to be a sexy, swingin' endeavor, before it became affordable and all the riffraff started showing up and spoiling it for the upper crust. Then they had to start buying, or at least chartering, their own jets.

In one of the threads at unfogged you mentioned your sis works in the kitchen there. How long has she worked there, and does she like working there (if you don't mind me asking)?

Lessee... She was already working there at Thanksgiving, so I'd guess 7-odd months, something like that? As for how she likes the actual work, I couldn't say in much detail. I know she doesn't find the food that interesting or think she's learning very much, but she also recently moved to another station, so that may have changed.

One thing I know she didn't like is when she was working lunches, which ended recently, or frequent double shifts, which I believe also ended recently—but thanks to that review she'll probably be in the weeds for a while since she makes both the halibut and the monkfish. Them, however, are the breaks, and not specific to Le Bernadin.

I think that's supposed to mean "It has no sex appeal whatso-f'in-ever." I just reread The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul, whose first sentence is (approx.) "It is surely no coincidence that no language has the phrase 'As beautiful as an airport.'"

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