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March 24, 2005


Charalambides stayed at my apartment once. They call pop 'coke'. That's not an affectation though, I think they're from Texas. Their name comes (came?) from Nick Charles' real name in The Thin Man.

If I call you out on "interested it" things will descend into chaos, so I won't.

I call "pop" a style of music, and soda sometimes "coke".

As for "interested it", uh, fuck.

But you gotta hand it to the Empty Bottle for having, overall, the best band descriptions by far of any rock venue in the city. This one could use some extra attention to hyphenation (she's a folk musician! and she's free!), but one can hardly complain.

Ben, I've never ever heard you call soda "coke" unless it is actually Coke, and it would kinda freak me out if you did.

I'm pretty sure I used to do it. I had neighbors across the street who were from Texas. Maybe I grew out of it.

("jp katt"? Whatever.)

Aren't you supposed to call pop "pop" in Chicago? But I hear you're from California, so that may be it.

Milwaukee is said to be a "soda" island in a sea of "pop." My investigations have proved inconclusive, though some of the Milwaukans I know do say "soda."

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