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March 25, 2005


Ben, your help is requested. Have you ever noted the phonological similarity between "reign of terror" and "rain of terra"? With you work on barque/bight scholarship, I thought you might be able to suggest some directions for a punne, or play on words.

So is this a Clarkson/Yeah Yeah Yeah's cover?

Craig: since you sent me an email all of three hours before leaving that comment, thereby demonstrating that you know my email address, I confess to a certain amount of bafflement as to your reason for leaving that comment (as one leaves droppings) rather than sending me another email. I will think about what you suggest, but it seems to me like the type of joke told by humorless hippy/environmental types. I prefer my jokes to be humorless on their own merits.

Incidentally, Chris, Tammy and Andrew E-C join me in expecting no less of any woman with whom you'd take up than that she would have escaped from Kathmandu while it was under military quarantine.

AS: No, just Clarkson.

Well that "they don't love you like I love you" is the Yeah Yeah Yeah's Maps.

In that case the answer is "yes", and Matt Haughey is GOD DAMN LIAR.

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