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April 19, 2005



Recount! Recount!

I got four!

It's a tie, I do believe, and hence I deserve half the Glory.

Thank you.

Yeah, that's entirely plausible. My methods weren't what you'd call rigorous.

Having just checked the rules and all relevant posts, I don't see any reason that I can't vote right now. If I vote for Ogged or Anne, does Kotsko lose Glory?

Shit... can I withdraw my vote?

If it's not too late, I vote for Kotsko!

I thought that Walter's vote was decisive, but it might be funnier to think that my own vote for myself was decisive.

My hot greasy vote goes straight for me.

F. Winston, why did you use Adam's email address as your own? This kind of ... irregularity ... could really through a spanner in the works, you understand.

Please see me after class.

What's one-sixth of a nice knockdown argument?

(Also, Ben, you've called a four-way tie between five people, and given them each five-sixths of Glory, with the remainder--having subtracted twenty-five sixths--distributed among air'body else.)

I'm aware that I called a four-way tie among five people. I meant, of course, that 5/6ths of Glory should be distributed equally among the five winners.

I shall soon revise the post to reflect that.

Given that the rest of the sentence as it now stands was written at a different time than "I'm calling it, AOTW," does that mean the AOTW is now false? Or does revising and publishing the sentence count as producing a new token of 'AOTW'?

Well, I think the important thing in this particular case is that while the sentence as a whole means something else (namely what I intended it to mean all along, but I know that doesn't hold water with you), what I'm calling it hasn't changed. I was calling it then a four-way tie between those five people, and I'm still calling it that. We can view the part governed by "AOTW" and the part revised as independent.

Ah, good point, at the hideously nitpicky level to which I dragged the conversation.

We're all winners? Plagiarism really does pay, hoorah!

Now, this is all very well and good, and I suppose I'm slightly mollified, now that my own votes have been properly counted -- though I still have reservations as to the exact number of Adam's -- but it's still not clear to me exactly how much GLORY I'm getting.

Now, if indeed GLORY is a sort of infinite proposition, and my own GLORY is not in any way diminished by my sharing of it with 4 other people -- no, wait, more than that, if we're all winners -- then fine, fine, fine, it's like LOVE and CHARITY and the more the merrier.


If indeed 1/6th of GLORY is not much more than will serve to make a sequinned tube top, then I'm still Annoyed, and Not Mollified In The Least.

Speaking as a participant who certainly did not win, I think it behooves us all to remember that what's important is not the exact count of the vote or who voted for whom or why more people didn't vote for my entry which was a work of unmitigated genius, but I digress. What is important, above all, is that all of these were truly horrible essays. Which we know because all of them got at least one vote, and that vote is a number, and numbers don't lie (Kenney, "Bad Student Essay Contest", 1).

my brain hurts.

I now have an overwhelming urge to start my final dissertation with either sentence two or four... its actually making me mildly hysterical.

thanks for the vote jennienee!

See the update, Anne, but I assure you that your portion of Glory, added to your already glorious nature, exalts you far above the crowd.

Nevertheless, if you want a little more glory, you can come to my office hours any time. (What, this isn't unfogged? Nevermind.)

I! Am! So! Pumped!

Because clearly, I am a HORRIBLE writer, and deserve Much Glory.

My life is now complete.

If only I didn't have 5134 more days before retirement (according to my retirement clock), I'd be a Completely Happy Woman.

I'm willing to concede to Anne due to The Codpiece Irregularity.

I demand that you write a short story called The Codpiece Irregularity. It can be a spoof of spy novels or political thrillers, if you like.

Alternately, it could be a Goreyesque, and illustrated.

But then it would have to be called "The Irregular Codpiece".

Honestly, all I ever really wanted was a battle royale in the Thunderdome.

Bring it on, Dave. Fractional Glory is mine.

You will wear a girdle of treacherous oak and amur maple before long!

I'm voting for Anne. More than once. Because, well, I can at least get one vote in.

Anne deserves the GLORY! Anne deserves the GLORY!!

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