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April 29, 2005


My A-level biology teacher couldn't say "rectum" without adding "no, but it didn't do 'em much good."

dvb, are you in fact ariel weinberg? You can admit it to me. I won't judge you.

I base my identification on the following excerpt from Ten and a Half Ways of Looking at a Blackbird and More Lard:

Descriptif: It is a pie, a cake, a pizzq!
No, it is a blackbird.

Not guilty. I could never keep up with the kibologistes.

I did write:

I was in two (2) minds about it,
Like a blackbird that had been cut in half



I approve. You are a Pythoniste?

I am! I do maths ("math") and it is less painful than FORTRANic rubbish like Matlab, as I am currently finding out in far too much detail.


(Because of the triple-quotes.)

Heh, wasn't the criticsm of mommy bloggers that they're all narcissistic and write mostly to themselves, but in public? ;)

(Which I am not saying that your notes to yourself do not amuse; they do. Just that's what went through my head as I read this.)

I think of myself as the mother of a beautiful baby narcissism.

Does he look like this?

No, like this.

Isn't posting something because you have a good title inconsistent with your view on the irrelevancy of post titles? Link not provided in a fit of pique.

w/d: no, in fact I think it reinforces it. Neither the post as made or the post as planned had much to do with the gore of a nut or nerdy ejaculate.

Does he look like this?

There's only one thing wrong with the Wolfson baby... it's alive.

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