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April 12, 2005


Don't give NYU your heart dogg she is straight up duplicitous

Sorry to hear it. Maybe there was a typo in your application?

You know, it's not the rejection that hurts. I can handle that, and besides, I knew NYU loved those other students more all along anyway. It's the waiting around to let me know—stringing me along right up until almost the deadline. I bet if NYU weren't the prettiest girl in town it wouldn't have been like this.

That sucks.

Sorry to hear that. You answered your own question, though.

NYU's loss.

I wasn't applying for philosophy, and wouldn't have made it if I was, but they really are bad about stringing people along. I got off the law waitlist in August. August. You know what month school started? August. If I wasn't such a terrible procrastinator, I would have moved to DC by then. Also, assuming you end up at Stanford, you can laugh at the NYU students all winter. Most of the other seasons too, for that matter.

That's funny wd, a friend of mine got into med school there the first week of classes. He went, too. If you all would just laugh at them when they extend these offers, they'd probably stop doing it.

Sorry about your news bw. You're just a big city guy, aren't you? One thing about academic life, it sure doesn't offer much control over where you live.

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