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April 10, 2005


All mathematical laws which we find in Nature are always suspect to me, in spite of their beauty. They give me no pleasure. They are merely auxiliaries. At close range it is all not true.

There can hardly be stranger wares in the world than books: printed by people who do not understand them; sold by people who do not understand them; bound, reviewed and read by people who do not understand them; and now even written by people who do not understand them.

To do just the opposite is also a form of imitation.

Don't even try to beat me here, Dave. This thing isn't called "waste" for nothing.

maybe you should retitle it, Waste for Nothing

This is your version of dorky dancing, then?

(Do you dislike it when people reference semi-obscure movies in a manner that you'll have no idea what they're saying unless you've by chance seen that movie?)

Love the quotes, by the way. Who's Lichtenberg? (I ask even though I'm about to google it.)

And now I understand the title of your blog. Before, I thought it was because you enjoyed writing defecation poetry.

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