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April 20, 2005


Have just started Love and Sleep, having waited a while after Aegypt. Am liking L&S much better although I think I'm about to hit the part where having forgotten what happened Ae is going to hinder comprehension. The difference may be in me, not in the books. Is the new one going to be the completion of the tetralogy? Does the tetralogy have a name?

"what happened in Ae"; the sentence makes no sense otherwise.

I do not know if the new one is going to be the tetralogy's completion or if the tetralogy has a name, though it seems to be referred to as "Aegypt" itself. The book is to be called "Lord Byron's Novel: The Evening Land", so if that sounds as if it could plausibly be the fourth book, maybe it is (I am doubtful, just because the title of the book is of an entirely different style).

Crowley seems to have reviewed Alasdair Gray's Lanark, and Little, Big is being reissued.

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