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April 23, 2005


Damn it Mr. Wolfson! I was JUST passing this meme on to you and thought I just check to make sure you hadn't done it weeks ago already.... what goes around comes around.

So... what now?

I believe seppuku is called for.

Now where did I put that carving knife?

BTW: "Strangers and Brothers" was the title you were looking for. My favourite is "The Corridors of Power"

I guess you can only mention Riddley Walker so many times before I'm forced to read it. Is it really all written in an invented dialect, though?

Yeah, but it's pretty comprehensible. The first sentence is "On my naming day when I come 12 I gone front spear and kilt a wyld boar he parbly ben the las wyld pig on the Bundel Downs any how there hadnt ben none for a long time befor him nor I aint looking to see none agen." Not hard.


I've never seen your blog before. I came here because of a skippy link. But you picked "Riddley Walker" as the book to be? Hey! I picked "Riddley Walker" too! (I was tagged by The Heretik, if you know him.) What's up with that?

This looks like a terrific blog. I'll definitely keep reading.

Hey, thanks. But what's a skippy link? I have never encountered that term before.

a "skippy link" a link from the blog "skippy the bush kangaroo" - (xnerg.blogspot.com). I guess it sounded odd ...

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