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April 06, 2005


I mean, I'd like some insights of that kind. Maybe he can tell you what vokda is delicious and not horrifying.

yo, what's the [sic] for? Are you protesting that hyphen? I like it there. Besides, that habit is so self-righteous.

Some vodkas are far better than others. Your attempt to frame this as an ethnic conflict is intriguing, though, and I'd like to know which vodka is the true aqua vitae and which the swarthy interloper, by your reckoning.

Some vodkas are better than others, sure, but I resist the notion that one high-end vodka is a better match for gravlax than another (which is more suited to herring).

On the other hand, no doubt remains as to which scotch is the best match for haggis.

$11,000 scotch! Holy crap!

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