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April 01, 2005


What are the odds of you visiting Santa Cruz?

There are worse places to wind up buried. But I don't think California has a Saussif town. (I had to look that up, though.)

God help me, I am so fucking envious my toes are curling.

Have a good time. Send me a postcard.

If you email me your address, bitch, I will totally send you a postcard.

Careful, Ben, that's a ploy to make you easier to find. (I've just kicked in to raise b's offer.)

Ok, but what is your email address?

Ignore Matt, he's just trying to cockblock you.

I didn't just say that.

My email address is wolfson at gmail dot com.

Ignoring Matt is default behavior anyway.

One of these days, Wolfson, you may be faced with some very interesting questions at a job interview.

I'll just disavow any knowledge of the proceedings, and observe that anyone can sign as "ben wolfson". These intarnets, they're untrustworthy.

Or, better yet, keep a record of that comment so you can sue when you don't get the job.

Believe me, the kind of questions he's going to get, he's not going to need a record of these comments for his lawsuit.

LOL. All I can say is, thank god I use a pseudonym.

So, how were things?

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