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April 29, 2005


Remember how you used to get annoyed when I would quote lines from the Simpsons without a timely attribution (where timely apparently meant immediate)? Well, I'm really taking umbrage at this.

I saw you had posted something about rentmyson the other week on metafilter. They just posted that their sister site has gone up -- http://RentMyDaughter.com

I want to be the guy in your item #1.

This post was stolen from Gearod's LJ.

Good lord. Can you do that? That's like, wrong, man.

Something That Occurred to Me.

The great thing about the Harry Potter books.

There's no sex.

I bet they tried to get Rowling to put some sexy scenes in the fourth book. But she didn't want to. Because of all the kids that read it.

Go. J.K. Rowling!

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