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May 20, 2005



Oh, I forgot about him. I could never figure that guy out anyway.

Man, I'd forgotten the A.T. invasion of R.P.C.!

That was some funny, funny shit.

How do you know that we weren't thinking of a different slang convention, based on the mythical creature rather than the fishing technique?

I looked into your souls.

That horse has left the barn; the word "troll" has become irrevocably debased, through influence from the name of the mythical creature, and also because, since stupid flamebaiters are a thousand times as common as witty merry pranks, people had more need for a convenient single-syllable term for the former. I'm resigned to it.

Anyway, the a.r.k use of "troll" as an imaginative cross-newsgroup hoax is already a modification of its original Usenet meaning on alt.folklore.urban, which had nothing to do with crossposting, and was a post in which an old-timer on the newsgroup brings up a topic that was beaten to death ages ago in order to watch the newbies volunteer what they think is helpful information.

Really? Fuck.

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