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June 16, 2005


Can you caramelize lettuce? That would be the apotheosis of lettuce, if you could.

"The pleasure of recognition is strong in you, young Wolfson."

I have been to after-concert snacks with Brötzmann (and Corbett, Vandermark, and Gustaffson). And played with Kowald, alav ha-shalom. Jazz fandom is much easier than rock fandom.

C-ya tonite, and I'm glad to hear it starts on time.

I also once opened up for Ty Braxton, Anthony's son. He and his band then crashed in my apartment. I think it was dark enough that he could not see my CD collection, thereby coming to know that I had put him through college.

I have been to after-concert snacks with Brötzmann (and Corbett, Vandermark, and Gustaffson)

This is the kind of thing that people who are able to talk to other people do (like the girl who yanked on Tim Daisy's bag to tell him she liked his sets), I guess.

Actually, it has more to do with having had a role in arranging the concert--I was the person who arranged for the slightly notorious promoter (with whom I was in Cub Scouts, back in the day) to be able to use University of Pittsburgh facilities for free.

Unfortunately, it also means that if these people remember me at all, which I doubt, it is as "Mizanny Thizeiner's little buddy," minus the izzles. I'm pretty sure I didn't mention my name.

Hey, you like that Richard Thompson fellow, right? I think he was in SC recently. I probably should have had him sign an obscure mote of musical apocrypha for you.

You should have seen him, because he is awesome.

What's with the lard hatred? It makes better, flakier pastry than butter.

That's true—but it's still gross.

This is probably also true.

Link is kaput.

Works for me.

Are you logged into blogger or something? I get an access denied error.

That's doubly odd because wget from a foreign machine could retrieve it no problem. Anyway, here is an alternate link to the same picture.

It is completely true. I kept a couple of jars of fat that cooked off our Christmas goose, and anything fried/sauted in it was wonderful.

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