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June 09, 2005


Fortunately, any post is made delicious by the addition of Campari. This is my best comment ever.

This is my worst post ever.

Chin up! Not even close!

Thanks ogged!

This post was so bad it made me think you'd moved your Weblog to LiveJournal.

I'm moving to USENET 2, baby.

What you should do is pretend that 'furrfu' is a haikuish form of syllable-based poetry, 13-10-10. That would make the post kewl.

An excellent trout;
Syllable, syllable, hey!
An exquisite corpse.

I am sending an e-mail around to everyone informing them that it is no longer necessary to write haiku.

(Does anyone remember what the address is for sending an e-mail to everyone? [email protected], was it?)

that should be 'any further haiku will be unnecessary', really.

henceforth all haiku
will be unnecessary,
not unlike Weiner

Is Mrs. Apostropher on board with that program?

If we didn't like hearing about campari and trout, why would we come here?

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