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June 09, 2005


These are my friends; see how they glisten...

Welcome to the grave, Drymala.

They're reviving that show on Broadway next season. A really ambitious production that will probably run for 4 months and lose all its money.

I'll be sure to blame Patti LuPone, who is A Disaster.

There was a gentleman riding his bike in the Logan Square Blue Line stop this evening. Such curious behavior!

On a totally unrelated note, do you suppose there will ever be a serial-killer who keeps a personal blog?

There already is, but at the moment he's using it to serialize a novel (also about a killer).

You are sick! Sick! Sick! </mineshaft>

FUUUUCK. I was shaking my knife to get some water off it and dinged it on the edge of the sink—now there's a dent in the blade and I'll have to sharpen it again. I hate sharpening knives.

leave the small dent.


I'll be sure to blame Patti LuPone, who is A Disaster.

The New Yorker seems to like it, and her.

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