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June 08, 2005


Did he really rhyme shades and Hades?


I'm Slim Hades, yes I'm the real Hades, all you other Hades is just pale shades...

Shelley rhymed "frown" with "stone".

Tim Curry rhymed "pores" with "cause." It actually did rhyme.

Am I to understand that, except for the quoted material, that is your own original parody of "Ozymandias" and "On First Looking into Chapman's Homer"? That is pimp tight.

That is what you are to understand.

You, indeed, are da man.

Good poemery, ben

Thanks. It occurred to me on the train home that Pride beneath the Tents would make great title for a safari-themed romance novel aimed at the furry audience.

This is great! Ben, your talents are wasted on this late and diminished age.

Rereading this, I am moved once again to remark its tightness and pimposity. Damn. The quote of 'sneer of cold command', moved so a different word rhymes, is especially smokin'.

This is definitely send-it-off-to-a-literary-journal good, or maybe too-good-to-send-to-a-literary-journal good. (Disclaimer: I don't own a literary journal.)

'remark' really should be 'remark on', I guess

I find myself embarassed for not realizing this was something you wrote. Let me echo everyone's admiration--you're a man of many talents.

Can I use it when next I teach Shelley?

But of course.

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