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June 09, 2005


I acknowledge the existence of an oddity in the headline-like sequence of words that you have produced here.

I note that the S and X keys are located very close together.

But this was a professional-type magazine. I trust a simple typo wouldn't have made it to the cover page.

No, they did indeed use the totally wrong word for hats.

If 'watch' isn't capitalized, 'again' shouldn't be either.

Mm, not necessarily.

Tammy's all up in my grill!

(More on topic: It may be that in English the plural of 'Bordeau' is 'Bordeaux' and the plural of 'chateau' can be 'chateaus', but then there shouldn't be a circumflex on 'chateau'. I think.)

Matt, that was exactly my thinking. (About circumflexes, etc. I can't recall what the capitalization was in the original. I'm down with the capitalization as it is.)

Now I'm scared.

Please, let me lay any uncertainty to rest.

Bordeaux = a region of France. Technically plural, maybe, but historically singular. A wine from Bordeaux is a Bordeaux. If you want to pluralize it it is also Bordeaux. Château, on the other hand (with or without the accent, as you like; M-W would have it with), ought to be pluralized in the usual English way, being fully an English word. (I will not argue on this point.) The circumflex doesn't necessarily make it a French word; it is part of the spelling that happens, apparently, to have been borrowed into English.

As for the capitaliazation, I could see a stylesheet, especially for a magazine, calling for titles to be capitalized headline style and subtitles capitalized sentence style.

At least we can still get 'em on self-consistency grounds.

Circumflex in English? Sheesh.

Well, I think that settles the question, and my ignorance of the singularity of 'Bordeaux' is quite culpable. It's only irredeemable pettiness that leads me to point out that you said 'capitaliazation'.

(Or, trying to save Ben from getting in trouble by pointing out the same thing.)

Count me as part of the Wolfson-Weiner coalition! Pluralize it with an X if you're going to do the circumflex.

Pluralize it with an X
If you have the circumflex
Pluralize it with an S
If on Friday you confess
Pluralize it with a Z
If perverse is what you be
Pluralize it with a smile
If you think it's worth your while

I got MUCH châteauz.

Here's the thing though, if you spell it "châteaux," do you pronounce the [z] sound at the end? I think it would be ridiculous not to. You have to, because it's English! Likewise you have to pluralize with an s, because it's English. If a little accent is going to lead you astray, leave it out.

Haiku only has three lines, Matt.

Bridgeplate appreciates me!

Matt roulx.

Haiku only HAVE three lines.

three lines hath haiku,
a seasonal reference,
and five-seven-five

Haiku, the poetic form, only has three lines.

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