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July 14, 2005


But it's not the point of erudition I couldn't explain, it's the point of my becoming erudite. I suppose it would make sense if I knew more erudite people.

Also, it's sometimes funny to make allusions no one else gets, not to laugh at them, but at yourself for having attained such obscure knowledge. (This only works if no one even notices you've made an allusion; if someone notices and you end up explaining yourself, you just seem like a fool.)

I first thought your opening line meant: it's possible that confusion could be so persistent or extreme as to lead to erudition, that erudition is a last-resort response to, or expression of, confusion. I didn't take it that erudition were any less noble for this.

Nice allusion in the post title!

in-joke MFers. What's the allusion?

Google knows. It's from a children's song. I know it from Mississippi John Hurt.

I thought missing the post title allusions here was part of the ineffable waste blog charm.

I just wanted to make it know that I am not erudite enough to catch allusions to children's songs.

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