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July 25, 2005


Awwww. All hail kitty!

Is that your cat? If so, congrats! Either way...nice looking cat.

Not mine, alas.

Actually it's better this way.

CUTE! I am enthralled.

Not yours? Too bad. But you could get your own!

My lord and master has ironic ears, as I always imagined.

I would kill for this cat.

This cat has won 75% of 3553 battles.

It looks like a Scottish fold; they're so incredibly cute. And I hear they have wonderful dispositions.

I'm puzzled as to whether the post title relates to the post content.

Oh, appropriate sentiments here.

I want that "TEH" shirt.

It can be yours for a mere twenty dollars.

Would you kill the cat if the cat axed you to?

I ... I don't know. My faith would be sorely shaken if that happened.

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