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July 23, 2005


In Yorkshire they say "nowt". Which is not to be confused with "summat".

For "naught" or "nought"? I guess it doesn't make much mind since the one's a variant of the other. In fact, forget I posted this.

I cannot; it is stamped on my memory forever.

You seem to have left one knot still untied.


Dude, it's only the Californian lacunae in your vowel space that lead you to the misapprehension that "nought" and "not" are homophones.

Surely you don't maintain that it ought to be pronounced "nowt" in General USAian.

Not "nowt" [nawt], but with that backwards c in IPA, which I don't know how to reproduce here. Rhymes with "caught," both to me and to you.

Hmm... I'm not sure if I think "not" and "caught" rhyme. Anyway, it makes sense that I'd have lacunae in my speech, since I did grow up in the same county as Lacuna Beach.

Ah yes, Lacuna Beach—the epicenter of the one-vowel accent.

Also, you have to be careful where you step there. Sometimes there's just pieces of ground missing.

You also have to be careful where you look, as there are plenty of blue-hairs wearing incunabular swimming suits.

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