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July 01, 2005


Excessive description is self-defeating. Also, what could core possibly mean on its own?

Say it really loud and pissed off. CORRRR! Rhymes with THORRRR! I think we can arrive at a meaning.

I only listen to corecore. It's the corest.

How utterly utter.

It seems like the aesthetic onomatopoeia of a music dork.

Also, this bit from a pitchfork review is priceles:

"The 'tistas' portion of the bandname is a reference to Mexico's indigenous peoples' Zapatista movement, named originally for would-be Mexican revolutionary Emiliano Zapata. (He never did affect his desired coup.) The band means this reference as a sort of shoutout to oppressed people around the world and throughout history"

priceless, rather.

It is true that that's the origin of the "tistas" part of the name (and "ahleucha" comes from a Charlie Parker tune, Ah-Leu-Cha). The band's website explains it with rather more subtlety than "it's a shoutout!" (I'd copy and paste it, but it's a damn flash page and I can't).

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