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July 30, 2005


I feel special, really I do. However, your log seems to truncate before the end of the lines, and so I cannot read the story.

That's because typepad is a bitch (And because I told it to use preformatted text).

All is otherwise, now.

It would really be funny, like, if you were a god, but you didn't know it, and you, y'know, weren't going to get your god powers until a certain age, and then you just did, before you expressed the thought in comment number four, and you expressed it just as you became of age and inhereted your omnipotence pow3rs and now everything really was otherwise. lol.

I wonder what that would be like.

I'd correct the above, but doing so would assume my audience was too foolish to do it themselves. I wouldn't want to insult my audience.

Very considerate, Michael.

Yup. "Considerate" and my middle name share 3 letters.

Your middle name is "Cunt"? Sucks, dude.

Even worse, my last name is Hammer.

That is a truly pimpin' shaggy dog story. I love how the punchline not only is completely not funny but has nothing to do with the setup. Essence de shag.

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