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October 20, 2005


Even though I probably won't read Michael Powell's autobiography for several years, by owning it I will at least be assured access to a copy when I do get around to it, thereby circumventing those communist librarians. They might also be lesbians.

Whenever I have a little money in my pocket, I'll go into book-buying jags and pick up everything by some given author. So then I'm not ignoring books, I'm ignoring a writer—it's like inviting a ghost into my living room.

How's your arm?

I wouldn't want to circumvent a commie lesbian librarian, personally. Who knows what hotness I might thereby forego experiencing, or even undergoing?

My arm is ok—I'n in a forearm cast that restrains my thumb but not my fingers, so I can bend at the elbow and perform an activity that somewhat resembles typing with both hands.

Can you write a program which can tell me when you're able to play Soul Calibur again?

No, but I can write one to tell you when to buy eggs or milk.

Besides, you always beat me anyway.

n+1 #3 is pretty good

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