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October 16, 2005


The DNA is not obvious


I am appalled. Shocked and appalled.

I'm typing with one hand, non-dominant—gimme a break, here.

each negater but "but" absent? never!

Drat! What a retard was he that rated "never" as never a negater! As what treats he the term, then?—Maybe he had never a "never"-dawn; that dawn necessary an any treatment whatever be: the term never ready at hand, he never treats the term even as negater-ready.


I charge you with a holy quest: a lipogram.

You mean another one, right?

Kampan’yō-isu no ryōkin wa tokubetsu ni ikura desu ka?

Michael, that was even more awesome than I realized at first.

Can someone explain?

It's from L'Heure Bleue in Amphigorey Also; Googling (without the thingummies on the 'o's) will get you the whole English text, not that that will help.

And since this does not have any connection to Li Po (being in Japanese, duh), this means that you came up with the "Li Po Gram" yourself. That is also awesome. Awesomeness all round!

The thingummies are macrons?

Yeah, macrons.

That's one of those words I shouldn't make you type right now, isn't it? Like 'paleography'.

Yeah, fuck you.

Hey Ben, check this out.

"g odoreida", Weiner?

Sure (I've decided that, since it seems unlikely that I will want to start a Blog Of Indiscretion, there's no reason for me to keep my blogger ID completely secure.)

It took me a month to get the post title. A new record!

Matt might be interested to know it was this song (lyrics) what jogged my thinker.

Does the post title mean anything as it stands?

Not to my knowledge.

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