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October 17, 2005


You remain, as ever, the wind beneath my earlobes.

Is that based on one of his poems, or cut from whole cloth?

Based on Pound's translation, "The River-Merchant's Wife".

Ezra looms, pounding
future generations of
anti-semite guys

Still directly, the I regarding our doors before to the flower of the capacity which plays, it was cut between my hair of my frontal surface.
As for those considering my chair you play with the plum of the cobalt which in order to go the around you the stelzen goes soon from with the horsing bamboo. With it is small to the human 2 doubt it does and whether the Animosity.
I of 14 was the You Konsorte in my person.
It meaning that I am bashful, I do not laugh. Revolution under my mouth [ in beginning: The surface device ] I look at our walls.
Those invite thousand opportunities; I do not see.

If and so it advances.

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