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October 05, 2005


Not necessarily. You can know what someone does everyday without knowing anything about their life.

I was going to tell you that there was an implicit "unless you vote for George O'Brien" clause, but the versions of the lyrics I googled up say "He may ride forever 'neath the streets of Boston." I blame political correctness.

The answer is "no," because of zombies.

Your zombic analysis is compelling—compelling me to eat brains.

That song has a more interesting history than I would have thought. It was a real campaign song. There really was a 5 cent "exit fee" (which I always thought was highly unlikely) in the boston subway in the 40s. And, they changed the candidate's name to george from walter in the popular version of the song because the real candidate was in the progressive party. Nothing about zombies though.

And couldn't his wife have slipped him a nickel with, or instead of, his lunch?

My once-girlfriend said that at her summer camp, the kids were overcome by the illogic that they kept shouting "Nickel!" instead of "sandwich," until at the end the counselors were forced to improvise a final verse describing Charlie's triumphant return. Again, I blame political correctness.

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