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October 26, 2005


"Irremediable"? Jesus. What a way to spell "insurmountable".

you know those "tag line" things various personals sites want you to attach to your ad

Not yet.

What's yours? We'll help. Really. Nothing but comeraderie here.

"edit me".

Originally a placeholder (as in, "Ben, you need to edit me!" but writing it now, I see it's oddly apropos.

Also, "camaraderie".

First of all, someone needs to write a song by the above title.

But Johnny's dead, Ben.

How about: "Moth seeks kindred spider"? Or maybe the other way around.

I'm sick.

Michael: Johnny's dead, but Will Oldham, the author of "I See A Darkness", is still alive, as are presumably the members of the committee that wrote "Oops! I Did It Again".

Fuck. pwned.

I'm a hungry spider, you're a beautiful butterfly.

Clever taglines count for a lot. Hell, clever personal ads count for a lot.

Spelling is good too, but you've got that covered.

I would click on you for "Edit me."

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