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November 06, 2005


It is fitting and just to have a same-colored fairy.


It is fitting and just to have a different-colored fairy.


All Gaul is divided into three parts: in the first, people have same-colored fairies; in the second, different-colored; and in the third, people have miniature Gallic flags.

It wasn't always so. Time was, Gauls had neither fairies nor flags, but desiccated fish-head pendants. This unity of accouterments reflected a cultural tendency, which found its highest expression in the strict uniformity of sentences meted out by the pan-Gallic criminal justice system. In particular, high-ranking Gauls from any city whatever, found guilty of any charge whatever, were invariably exiled to Jutland. However, as time passed Gaul fell prey to waxing regionalism, and the unity of the fish-head era gave way to the fairy-flag partition Ben so ably described. He neglected to mention, though, that the denizens of each section came to choose a unique land to send their convicts of stature; for in exile, those with same-colored fairies sought others of their kind, and likewise for those with different-colored fairies, and those with flags. And even today we respect the principle that the banishment should fit the chroma.

Standpipe Bridgeplate is banned!

Ogged! When's the hiatus ending?

Not for many moons, young Ben. (Though I do miss you guys sometimes.)

Well, in the future, if you want to ban someone, do it at your own blog.

I run a classy joint here.

Ogged- Reports of your hiatus were greatly exaggerated?

Gallic flags

As opposed to phallic gags.


(This has been translated by Babelfish; I know it none Dutch.) I do not think really that what it says. I was only beaten by the word "dead", which algemeen-gezien spellingfout are, in English, of "dude".

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