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November 19, 2005


Also, on Thursday you enjoyed a substandard lunch with me. I shall post that picture anon.

I believe the explanation for the non-McGuffin-ness of the TriWizard tourney involves various protection spells on both Harry and Hogwarts in general which make it harder to smuggle nefarious objects in than you'd imagine. I think this explanation is textual, though I can't quite remember, and have no idea if it is implicit in the film, as I have not yet seen it. Also.

Uh huh. I got that line from others, too. But check it out: the dude was already in, and the explanation given (in the movie, at any rate) for the teleportitis of the goblet is that he had enchanted it. To me, this implies that he could have enchanted any old thing. If the goblet was a sub smuggled in, then he could have smuggled in something with a decidedly more ordinary appearance and less ritual significance.

Re: your link. I don't think I qualify as middle-aged quite yet.

Haven't you ever heard of spoiler warnings? I didn't know C---- was a manipulative little troll.

But you knew he was a lousy stoat, right?

As I remember it, the donuts were *your* idea--and tasty, too. Re manipulation/stoatiness...I offer no defense. All the same, I do point out that it wasn't me lying in wait over the trail, rock in hand. And I didn't claim to have delicate feet only to hike vigorously for 12 miles only to return with blisters on my hands of all places. Just saying.

I didn't claim to have delicate feet, I claimed not to have sensible shoes for a hike. Which is true, and was proven by the fact that I already had a nascent blister the day before the hike. And I didn't have blisters on my hands, which are soft and supple as kid leather, as ever, as recently verified though I shan't say how and you'll never guess.

Furthermore, you lying mink, while I was lying in wait above the trail, I didn't have a rock in my hands.

You seem to have lengthened by a hyphen. S--- took you back, eh? Knew she would.

This is beginning to read like a V-----ian novel.

I don't think of hyphens as being particularly vegetarian.

My initial reaction was "Vonnegutian", and I was confused.

Shanghaied into Santa Cruz

Odd. Not only do I now have an explanation for the enervating odor of whale meat so prevalent around town that day, but, by a fun coincidence, only one day prior, I, too, gave myself over the whims of friends and promptly found myself Santa Cruzed into Shanghai.

Overrated cuisine and far too many "God Bless Our Troops" magnets.

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