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November 13, 2005


The halibut specialist, or another, as yet unmentioned sister?

The halibut one.

In fact, that's the only one.

Like a gear?

Yes. Now she's a functioning part of a larger societal machine.

Congratulations and best wishes to Ben's halibut-cooking sister!

Indeed, congratulations & best wishes.

Was this unexpected only to you or to your whole immediate family?

to the sautée cook?

I'm imagining a slow-motion video of you running in crooked circles through a living room with chains of infant nieces and nephews hanging from your ears, an expression of weary bafflement on your face, trying to explain data structures.

Yes, sautée cook.

See, dave, that image, or that expression of bafflement, is precisely what Mr. Davis has on his face as he struggles to reconcile himself to his children's rebelliousness.

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