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December 15, 2005


I'm listening to a nice show right now from WNYC's "Must Have Music Festival." It's the Kurt Andersen one at the link.

I'm obviously pretty far out of the college rock loop, b/c I gotta admit, I didn't recognize a damn thing I heard.

Yeah, well, in all truth, it wasn't actually that typical of college rock, so.

Don't worry! You're still with "it"!

Nah, sadly I'm kind of not, music-wise anyway. I live in radio hell.

Why does KZSU have a prescribed list? I was under the impression that a key component of college radio was allergy to guidelines and Infinity-style Hot Lists.

Oh, you played the Ligeti!

Damn, I missed that. My friends showed up and wanted to watch television.

I think it's because (1) it's something of the norm and (2) it helps them get mediocre promos.

Took me right back to see that KZSU's most-played list included something by "Biafra, Jello" -- now backed by somebody called The Melvins

I'm pretty sure the Melvins were around in the 80s.

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