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January 28, 2006


How long have you been stuffing extra space between your sentences, Ben? Go and sin no more.

Since … forever.

Your typographic soul is in deep kimchi.

They're all named Heather, even and especially the one named Jessica.

I'll die in the last ditch for my French spacing.

There's nothing French about it. The spacing that TeX calls "French", and everyone else calls "standard", prescribes a single space after the period.

Space as you will, though the angels will weep for you.

"French spacing", which may or may not be French spacing, is two spaces after the period. Google confirms it, also here. It is true, though, that the Not So Short Introduction to LaTeX indicates that \frenchspacing disables inclusion of an extra space between sentences. A clearer case of lucus a non lucendo one couldn't ask for.


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