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January 09, 2006


either length of a long walk is greater than the length of a long pier

"short" walk, I should think you mean.

So why not just say "walk off a pier"?

Because it loses the humor, obvs. The point of this is that it implies that the receipient of the zany zing is a fool who will not immediately realize that the planned long walk will be cut short due to the length of the pier.

or h/s has

I think I've spotted the real purpose of this monologue.

The really crazy thing is that if you started at the beginning of a short pier, you couldn't take a long walk off of it—precisely because you'd be walking off of it, onto water. You can't do it!

Clearly, you've never seen a cartoon in your life. The walk can be MUCH longer than the pier!

Wolfson 1, English 0.

"short" walk, I should think you mean.

No, long walk. If you're telling someone to take a short walk off a long pier, then the short walk has to exceed the length of the pier. So if it's going to be a short walk, the length of a long walk must exceed that of a long pier.

Run-DMC clearly perceived this problem, as they proposed a prepositionless repurposing: "Why don't you find a short pier/ and take a long walk."

Oddly, I was not aiming for out-of-control alliteration.

Having typed too quickly, I am now being asked to enter the number that I see in the image below. But I see no number! I see a string of characters. Tricksy Turing tests.

It's misdirection, of course. "Go walk off a pier!" "Hey, i'm not stupid!" "Fine, go take a long walk off a short pier!" "I just might do that!"

from now on, I'll always say, "walk off a pier!"

Also, "why don't you leaf! Like a tree would do!"

And, "See that you do not talk to me further! As though you were the letter C!"

And "Your mother is overweight, and that reflects poorly upon yourself!"

Should just be "and that reflects poorly on you".

Take a long peer at a short wok.

up your nose with an inappropriately large diametered rubber hose of conventional stiffness.

Ben, why must you be such a little person who corrects others' grammar?

I can't believe I messed up on that first trackback.

What is The Origin of "Take a long walk off a short pier"?

What is The Origin of "Take a long walk off a short pier"?

you're an idiot

Hello dear,
I want to know the origin of the idiom "penny for your thoughts", please suggest.

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