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March 20, 2006


Good lord, Ben. Scientology terminology AND wishing things tasted more like ouzo? You've gone completely nuts.

Scientology terminology?

Why do you insist on not crediting your sources?

Are you gargling with pastis?

No, but maybe I should start.

Days late, but yeah: Scientologists strive for "getting a win" in auditing. Alright, so I'll grant that the phrase MAY have originated elsewhere. I have doubts, though -- could very well be that it leaked into hollywood and pop culture via the CoS. Scientology's use of it goes back to Hubbard's writing.

You know, I am not a fennel fan.

My hypothesis is that that's the explanation for your massive suckitude, Michael.

Tom, I think I picked up "big win" from browsing the Jargon File (or communication with others who had).

Tom, googling "getting a win" and "big win" yieldeth a bunch of references to court cases, business deals, and sports on the front page. Have the sneaky scientologists conspired to push their technicaly use of their term down in the rankings? Or are you subtly proselytizing, letting us know that we're using Scientology terms already, and might as well join the fold? Huh?

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