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June 06, 2006


What did Sartre resort to?

Are you trolling me? "Resorted" as in "sorted again".

Remember, love is only a dream.

And what about Harry Nilsson's liver anyway? Would it hold the key to some sort of understanding? I remember a review, Rolling Stone I think, that meant to praise his vocals by observing that he had "avoided Mathusland."

This all hinges on a really big "if."

Actually, I'd pay for that. Wolfson Quarterly, filled to the brim with cleverly-titled pieces with impeccable diction on completely random and whimsical topics.

This all hinges on a really big "if."

Well, it wouldn't have to be an exercise in livery ecphrasis. That was just an example.

AWB: I wish.

Wrong "if." However, AWB is right: you should become the editor of such a journal, immediately.

Yay, the Wolfson Quarterly zine! Make it so, Ben. Order me up a handful.

Subtitle: "Carlyle as Proto-Existentialist?"

I've actually never read Sartor Resartus.

Wait a second. You embarrassed me by making me admit I hadn't read it, and failed to mention that you hadn't read it either?

I hate you.

I mean, how many people have read it? Not many, I'd imagine. Plus, I lied to you about the century of its publication.

Great. Why don't you just put a big ol' dunce cap on my head, already, and make me sit in the corner.

Not trolling. Punning. Apparently unsuccessfully. Sorry.

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