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June 26, 2006


1. I "know" why.
2. I don't get it.

God and Man at Flail, by William F. "Julie" Buckler.

I thought it was because the patriarchy insists nothing be unisex so that even though ladies don't often bike in skirts anymore, we're constantly reminded that we could, and that, maybe, we should. It allows makers of pink paint to stay in business.

Plus, by having a big bar there, it proves that you're man enough not to worry about the endangerment of your balls.

Greater structural support, I would think. You know, to withstand the impact of these powerful pistons of mine.

I hope that the gonads-threateningness of the bar was not recently made salient.

They could remap the distinction -- instead of "boy/girl," the two styles of bikes could be "professional/amateur," or "serious/casual."

I'm sure that a similar scene exists in a Monty Python episode.

He's the father! [slap] He's the son! [slap] He's the Holy Ghost! [slap]

[slapping continues for another round]

He's the father, the son, and the Holy Ghost!

You know I didn't get notification for like half of these comments.

Michael: watch Chinatown.

Was out 'til today. There's a great deal of, if you'll pardon the expression, stiffness to be gained from the triangle. "Cross frames" the other main type since the 1880's of which women's are the most common example, are not anywhere so good in transmitting force to the wheels with bending or swaying.

That scene made me burst out laughing. What's so damn great about Chinatown anyway? I mean besides all the cool stuff.

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