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July 22, 2006


condoms for some reason

To fuck the clowns, obvs.

Or possibly to fuck the chocolate.

Or to fuck the condoms.

What about filling the condoms with chocolate?

I would think condoms would fall into that category of "things better to buy new than procure second-hand".

I didn't procure them, they were foisted on me.

I have now, though, been to four concerts, having seen these fellows play three sets last night.

Note to self: when sleeping with Ben, make sure and ask if he's using new condoms or second-hand ones.

A little late for notes, don't you think?

I seem to remember being told that you'd purchased new condoms only the night before. Naturally, I assumed that those would be the ones you would have been employing.

Obviously, I should have known better than to make inferences when dealing with the literal-minded. That'll teach me.

Yeah, those condoms were for people I care about.

Oh, NOW you tell me. Well, whatever: I'm far more likely to be a disease-ridden skank than you are, anyway.

The story of my life.

I shall have to read this later. However, briefly:

The more she rejects me, the more I want to be with her.

Why do you think I reject you?

And the more I want to be with her, the more intent she becomes that I stay away.

Not at all. I just have figured out your psyche. It breaks my heart to have to keep you at arm's length, but what must be, must be.

Okay, that's a depressing story.

That was an amazing story.

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