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July 29, 2006


Oh, and perhaps I'm crazy, but it seems like the problem mentioned in 1. applies even to direct quotation as well? Goodman allows that you can quote letters directly (eg by writing '"t"') and I don't really see why he would disallow the quoting of non-letter characters; after all, they're part of the written language as well. So you could go from one direct quotation to another like so: '"Why don't you eat carrots?"' -> '"""' -> 'whoopswhoopswhoops'.

I'm rereading Ways of Worldmaking and am gratified to learn that my initial impression of "Some Questions Concerning Quotation" (namely, that it's mostly batshit insane) remain.

s/b remains

I'm glad to see that someone read this post.

Quite belated comment: you are right, the requirement has to be rephrased; Elgin has quite a plausible version in her With Reference to Reference

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