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July 15, 2006


Hmm, the only time I've ever used the phrase, it was not in reference to my c0ck, but to the pug I do not own, who I imagine would run along at my heels, staring up at me and writing down every word I say. My little Boswell!

What if the Boswell to your johnson actually wrote down everything your cock did and said, had quarrels with your cock, made up with your cock, and caused a nation to adore your cock?

I submit to you that, in the circumstances you describe, what you said was "the Boswell to my Johnson", not "the Boswell to my johnson".

AWB, your little dog story amuses me because my students once decided that Boswell was, in fact, exactly like a yippy little dog from a Warner Bros. cartoon.

Ben, I'm going to steal this idea of yours, but I'm not going to wate it on the Modern Love column. You'll countenance my theft because I shall mention you in the dedication or acknowledgements or something, which will lead the entire world to think it's about *your* cock, and therefore they will beat a path to your door.

they will beat a path to your door.

Or just beat your johnson. These outcomes are devilishly difficult to predict.

Either one, however, is obviously desireable, so who cares?

receiving every word of its thick southern drawl and ennobling them*

* […] I had a much better word in mind, but now, now it is forgotten!

Emphasis added. The referent of the asterisked pronoun is the singular "every word".

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