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July 07, 2006


Yes, but what was it you called those shoes? You suspend me, oh, how you suspend me.

What is it about puns that exerts such a pull on some?

The tactical sin, the strategic win.

such a pull on some

I don't get it.

Last line should really be "I fried a liver all for you".

Matt, that's because it wasn't a pun, it was one of those stupid in-jokes that's so coded it's incomprehensible. Basically I was bemoaning the fact that the smart cute boys all love the atrocious puns. It's such a trial.

I haven't read it, myself, but I hear there may be puns in Tristram Shandy.

Indeed there are. Proving my point.

BTW, a new post wouldn't hurt. I'm just saying.

You can expect a new post on the subject of discrete math and message sending on saturday or sunday.

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