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July 01, 2006


I knew Germany wouldn't be the end of you! What's the internet accessibility status?

Currently I'm staying with my friend Chris and can use his computer when I'm actually in. Tomorrow I'll be decamping towards some place way out in the west of Charlottenburg, and I believe there, there is no internet connection. However apparently the Goethe Institut has a computer bank that one can use for 15 Euro pro Monat—we'll see on Monday, I guess.

My trip was fine—thanks for asking.

Do forgive, dear Ben. I selfishly spoke to your author-function alone. How is your non-author-function getting along?

How did you think my author-function got to Germany? What I'm trying to say is that I'm not sure on what principles you're chopping things up and making the distinctions.

Why can't things be the way they used to be, back when you used to take for granted that I care? Is the magic gone so soon?

I'm so sorry. I'll commence ignoring you immediately.

So you're shipping me a case of yummy and exotic alcoholic concoctions, yes? Oh, of course you are. I can hardly wait!

Oh, and lest you take umbrage, how was your trip?

My trip was fine, thanks for asking!

See you next fall?

Ha ha, geddit?

I told you to have a good trip before you left, so I don't need to ask you now how it was, right?

What I meant to say was, "Sounds like you had a helluva trip!"

How did you think my author-function got to Germany?

This is, of course, a meaningless questions. Author-functions, inasmuch as they are purely textual creations, can "get" anywhere at any time, as long as they don't unduly strain the bounds of credulity. Aphra Behn can go to Surinam; Olaudah Equiano can be born in Africa (or maybe in South Carolina); Ogged can be in Chicago or elsewhere, can have cancer even if he doesn't. Really, for all we know, Ben Wolfson the person isn't in Germany at all, and certainly hasn't been to KaDeWe.

Unless of course someone has actually seen him. But his author-function? Here in the same place as always. Might as well call it Germany as not.

Question. Singular. It's not *that* meaningless.

Yay, new post on waste blog.

Unless of course someone has actually seen him. But his author-function? Here in the same place as always. Might as well call it Germany as not.

German keyboards are the worst, by which I mean, I'm unused to them! Anyway, AWB first referred to my being in Germany, and then to my author-function, leading me to suppose that she thought my author-function was in Germany. If I have erred, please forgive me.

Your author function is visiting KaDeWe; therefore it must be in Germany, no?

'deed. And it must have gotten there from its previous locale somehow, even if by literary magicking, no?

I suppose this is true. You've got me cornered. I surrender, and throw myself upon the mercy of the court.

And hey, why aren't you hassling Standpipe about not asking about your trip, huh? Playing favorites, much?

By the time SB came along I had moved on to other concerns.

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