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July 22, 2006


Harsh, BW. Stem-end eating is all we've known, and we merely require clarification such as that we hope to receive from your videos. I am downloading the revolution now.

Why should I take banana-peeling advice from someone whose post contains a typo?

I certainly would have said "foremonkeys," but who am I to say?

That's it? I find your "revolutionary" method utterly bananal.

I've heard this speel too many times.

a solution that speaks to our cleverness when confronted with a problem

This is the most facile of all possible linguistic expressions of relation, but it seems appropriate in this post.

Also, da: "are to be eated"?

It isn't true that this method avoids mushing the end of the banana, but other than that I like your elaborate demonstration of the primary difference between people and apes: the ability to form elaborate rationalizations.

Good eye, AWB -- I didn't even notice that one. I was thinking, rather, of "she had exert."

Its ... its like staring into the monolith from 2001. It all makes sense now. So beautiful.

I really like the little hand shrug before and after peeling the banana. All it takes is that tiny gesture for you to show your contempt for us: the ignorant.

I thought that too, slohmie, but I've met BW, and he does that little hand-gesture before and after most statements. OTOH, those tend also to be statements made for the benefit of the ignorant.

I've always eaten the banana stem down, for the reasons Ben suggests, though it came to me rather naturally, without consciously weighing the benefits and detriments of that method.

Am I a monkey?

This, text, is why I don't like explanations of what separates humans from the animals. Some humans are always being left out.

But it feels so satisfying to just pull off a section of peel without need of breaking anything, as though by sheer force of will, verily as though nature intended that my fingers peel bananas.

It's almost like shitting into my hand and throwing it at the gawking masses, only to see the shit splatter against the glass barrier and slide down to the bottom of my foul-smelling cage.

Stem-downism is so vulgar. It's like, I don't know, dowsing for genitals. Hey, look everybody, I found genitals.

I see text has the vulgar angle covered.

Even in a crazy stem-up world, I do know where to find genitals.

Where, pray tell?

*sigh* I did NOT say that I believed the correct way to eat a banana was with a knife and fork. I said that I had Googled "correct way to eat a banana" (among other related searches) and that the knife and fork method was the only thing that appeared. Apparently using utensils is good etiquette.

That said I find myself more often peeling bananas your way because, well, you're right. It just makes more sense.

oh bridgeplate, you've searched far and wide and travelled many oceans, witnessed many strange geographic formations, studied all sorts of tattoos: but that thing you've been searching for, why all along it was just beneath your nose.

Generally, I laugh at utensil-users. In Indian restaurants, the utensil-users gawk at me with my right-handed nan, and I gawk at them.

I apologize for the typos, all; it is no satisfactory excuse, but I must mention that I typed this post using an unfamiliar keyboard layout, and in the heat of banana-related passion, and without adequate sleep.

I figured "formonkeys" was one of those Germanisms travellers pick up, like "vormonkeys."

Text's second commment totally made me laugh out loud.

Well, I'm taking things back down a key here.

After experiencing for myself the ease of peeling from the not-a-stem end, I told my 8 year old son all about it. "No, no," he said, "they have to be opened from the top" and gave as evidence some PBS show. So, I took a banana and said, "See, I will show you." Staring at the banana it occurred to me a couple more trial runs before deeming this wisdom to pass along to the next generation might not have been a bad thing. Would I as successfully peel a banana this new (for me) way a second time? With absolute ease and no smushing?


"You're right!" said my son.

So the wisdom progresses.

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