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August 20, 2006


I have been reading this post for a rather long duration. Success! Also, I believe rabbits stay in hutches.

Salvation! I'm linking you.

The rabbits could be squatting the uninhabited dwellings of some chickens.


Hutch, coop: no diff.

Or you could avoid thinking (but not, of course, waste time) by chatting. Or blogging. Or surfing. Or snoozing. Or writing. Or wanking.

But not by being online, surfing the web, using the internet, sleeping, recording or inscribing, or having sex. Nor by reading waste.

And most certainly not through e-mail.

"Numbth" is part of my plot to bring back "th" as a suffix.

You disappoint! Such toiling only to slip up and, in starting paragraph two, allow an "important thought" to trickle through your wall of distractions. In such a small, stupid word, too. Who could find your grammar skills intimidating knowing you can't pull off a lipogram?

Drats. Did I actually just do that?

Fuuuuuck. Soon to be remedied.

If if makes you feel better, I've already written successful lipograms (including one Li Po gram).

No, it doesn't.

And have you seen? The "i" section was in Harper's recently, and I had fun reading it aloud and seeing how long it took my friend to notice what was going on.

I keep thinking about this puzzle, and I don't understand how you can do it without knowing how many undying androgynous rabbits come out of each womb.

You could assume a constant of fecundity k and try solving for the general case.

One each, AWB. It's the Fibonnacci sequence.

Paul, not even these?

Sigh. Don't get me wrong, you're still cool and all, Wolfson. You've just lost some of that infallible verbal wizard luster.

Are we to infer, Paul, from your having linked Crescat Sententia that you or some of your bloggy compatriots are now or once were U of Chicagoans?

We were all in the same house, even, our first year (though can you deduce that from the Crescat link? I suppose that's why I started reading them...).

I really need to get some memorable handle and stick to it - we talked about various UofC connections once, when I made one of my short escapes from lurkerdom at Unfogged, under something more or like this handle.

Yeah, I remember oztk. I couldn't deduce same-houseness from the CS link, but I guessed Chicagodom because, really, why else would anyone link to CS except out of misplaced school-based loyalty?

I was unclear there - it's the blog that's all house people. I know a few CSer's, slightly, from college bowl.

Also, I'm amused by Will's love of Ada, when clearly Pale Fire is vastly superior.

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