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August 07, 2006


. . . and that's not a euphemism.

Just when you think there´s no humanity at all left here....and today I had a worker at Kaufhof let me exchange something with no difficulty whatsoever. Between these two events I´m sure Berlin has exhausted it´s kindness to strangers for at least the next 3 days.

Aww, that's a fabulous story.

I felt bad when, since I could walk much faster than her, I overtook her after I started walking again in a minute or two.

I'd like to see the new fork design.

And when you awoke, you were an old woman, sleeping on a bed of oddly designed forks. And all the world was candy.

You've gone off the deep end.

Ben or myself? In either case I'm inclined to agree.

I'd like to see the new fork design.

Five tines with the fifth tine on the side of the fork, lower down than the other tines begin, and shorter—like a hand.

Ben or myself?

Ben. You've always deep-ended.

on the strangeness of kinds. or.

Your fork sounds a bit like a banjo.

I was expecting the old woman to lead you off into the forest, to a house made of candy, where she would keep you in a cage and fatten you up for eventual roasting.

The fact that it admits of multiple interpretations is an advantage, Clownæ.

Weird -- somehow I misread Standpipe Bridgeplate's name as "Sebastian Holsclaw" above and spent a little while trying to figure out why Sebastian would be leaving those comments on this thread.

Are you going to give that candy to someone else? Did you eat it already? What if it's some kind of diabolical "scenario" candy which, when consumed, will render your mind incapable of restraining its natural inclination to find patterns and fill your thoughts with an unending triumph of hypotheticals? Elephants of undergraduate education, six-legged bears of might-have-been relationships, and the enshackled native tribesmen of parentality issues?

The fifth tine's a charm.

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