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September 20, 2006


but now that I've got the plexiglass what else will I do with it?

Paint a silhouette of yourself on it, to keep you from flying into it and braining yourself.

It's currently covered with a nontranslucent blue sheeting of some sort, actually, so that's not a problem yet.

Dude, the Chris Ware Candide poster is sweet. Where did you get it?

The publisher sent it to my mom, and I asked her for it. I have no idea if it's for sale.

It's also the cover of the new Penguin edition, so you could get that.

The cardboard carton makes a nice frame for the bottled liquids -- is there any future for them as a wall hanging?

Speaking of the bottled liquids, what are they?

The one on the right contains cod-limoncello made according to this method; the one on the left is a similar idea except made with apricots, black peppercorns, vanilla, rose, star anise, and a little saffron, in quantities that I wrote down on a piece of paper I have now misplaced. However, since I left the spices in too long, it mostly tasted like star anise, so I tried to up the apricot with some dried apricots later, which may have worked—we'll let it sit a spell and then find out.

I really like that the opening clause invites the reader to consider that the bottles arrived by mistake.

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