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September 16, 2006


I'd answer your question, but... probably shouldn't finish the sentence, if you're going to finish the book. Her style gets marginally less annoying as you go along.

About Jayne Mansfield? (I have an uncorrected proof—noticed a punctuational error which I now can't relocate, in fact—so it's possible that will get changed, though I don't know how realistic that is.) Or about the narrator? The narrator is obviously quite enamored of herself and what she takes to be her precocity, but the fact that the history of her gloriously eccentric and oh so offbeat and precocious upbringing (as recounted, as said, in the first 36 pages) takes the particular form it does also makes me think that the author can't be trusted as far as she can be thrown.

The style would have to get a lot more than marginally less annoying, and rapidly, too, for me to seriously consider finishing the book. Maybe I should allow the plot to actually happen start, though.

I meant the question about the narrator. Most people reading it seem to agree that her showing off relaxes somewhere around the quarter-mark, and it becomes more pleasurable after that. I wasn't so into it, but kept going because it was described as having a good ending, which it may, actually. I couldn't be firm about that, but it's not bad, at any rate.

So I take it youse folks come into contact with uncorrected proofs? How is this accomplished? Since we are all pretend internet friends, could I call upon our pretend internet bond in furtherance of getting a manuscript read/published?

I come into contact with uncorrected proofs every time I go to my mom's house, because she gets tons of 'em, having been a manager of a succession of independent bookstores and now the buyer for two of them. She gives me copies if she thinks I'll be interested.

That is how I got Bérubé's new book, for example.

I will soon be in possession of an uncorrected proof written by a clever internet personality, but as of yet, I am only in possession of roughly 90% of it. And it's quite uncorrected. Any chance you'd read it?

Are you addressing me? I'll read it, sure.

Then I'll send it to you when it's 100% complete.

Text, are you planning to be the next Scott Turrow?

Pretty sure that's "Scott Turow".

I was planning on writing an excessively whiny book about my first year of law school, but I couldn't summon the right level of wimpy self-importance. So sadly, no, I'll never be Scott Turow.

More's the pity.

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