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September 24, 2006


I think that's kind of what the Ezekiel 4:9 people were going for, but they failed to include the next verse, where God commands them to bake the grains in cakes of human shit, before relenting and allowing animal shit as a symbol for human shit.

---all of which reminds me of your idea to remove the shit from food before eating it. Maybe God had something there.

Not the grains of Christ, of course, but marketing to people who like Bible verses out of context.

I'm too sleepy to comment well anymore.

Yeah, the last person I mentioned this idea to brought up E4:1 (though not by name). The key point here, though, is that Kashi already calls itself "the seven grains company", and if they could think of clever shapes for each of their grains to come in, it would be awesome. I, obviously, couldn't.

Seven shapes relating to the Passion? A crown of thorns made of rice, a spear made of oats, a seamless garment made from rye... it'd be hard to convey a vinegar-soaked sponge in cereal form, but I'm sure it could be done.

It's not just seven shapes, that'd be easy. (I assume.) The trick is to make the grain and the shape, like, harmonize. Why is the spear made of oats?

The spear is made of oats 'cause that's what the boor had for dinner.

The theory is not obvious.

There are grains of Christ that you have not heard of. They are a people who have given themselves to the Bread of Life, the Lord Jesus Christ, that they may become one with Him.

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