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September 03, 2006


1 is lovely. 2 is sad. That you prefer 2 is also sad.

Should we only be interested to view the cherry blossoms at their peak, or the moon when it is full? To yearn for the moon when it is raining, or to be closed up in one's room, failing to notice the passing of Spring, is far more moving.

Or you might prefer Keene's translation.

You might also prefer the correct link.

Hey, that still isn't the correct link! Whatever, do a search for "137" and follow the link to page 115.

How is "more moving" a correction to "sad"?


Can I email you about your Goethe Institut experience? I might go there next summer. My email is awgreenegmail.com Add the @


It's a correction to the "sad" of your third sentence—that I (claim to) prefer the second option isn't a sad sign about me, but rather a sign of profundity, of sensitivity of soul.

I don't think I was saying it's a sad sign about you, but rather that it makes me sad. Sensitivity of soul may be profound and admirable and all that, young Werther, but I'm a pre-Romantic girl myself and I think there's a lot to be said for being a little more callous and a little more happy.

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