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October 14, 2006


He was famous for polishing his coat of arms to a gloucessy finish.

You can take jokes like that and get loucest, rone.

Yes, those jokes go from bad to Worcester.

So, you hear about the farmer who strung a bell necklacewise from one of his cows? Yeah, he did it leicester approach go unnoticed.

But the Duke of Sucroster was allowed to force meat into a tube of intestine, making sucrosages.

making sucrosages

ITYM "getting him convicted on grounds of gross indecency".

Ummmmm actually glucose is a 6-membered sugar ring while sucrose is made up of a glucose ring joined to a fructose (which is a five membered ring if anyone is counting).

What’s sucrose for the goocrose is sucrose for the galnonder.

Best. Poucest. Ever.


It's time we laid this conceit to reicest.

Though a year late, my sincerest British applesauce.

Oh very well done indeed.

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